[WriteLog] "Zero's" in contact serial Number's

SGT Korey Chandler korey.chandler at us.army.mil
Wed May 25 00:18:55 EDT 2005

Hi, Shelby.

Make sure your CW message for the exchange looks like this:

%C 5nn %3

That will send a three digit exchange in with the current serial number. As
long as you've set up cut numbers in the INI file correctly it will work.

BTW...Windows XP is NOT the problem.

73 and GL in the WPX,

Log Base Seitz, Iraq
CU in the Test!

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I appreciate all the offers of assistance, but regardless of what I try, I'm
unable to get "cut numbers" to work, for me? I'm pleased that it works for
most, but not all.
Please don't concern yourselves, too much, as I certainly don't intend to.
If the other station can listen to "zero's", instead of "T's", I certainly
Bottom line...it doesn't work, has never worked, and it's not a problem, at
least for me.

C'Ya, Shelby - K4WW

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