[WriteLog] NG1I "WriteLog is Buggy"

k4sb@bellsouth.net k4sb at bellsouth.net
Tue Nov 15 11:56:46 EST 2005

RLVZ at aol.com wrote:
If NG1I purchases WriteLog it is a very good thing that he is retired as
hopefully he will have enough time to learn how to use it and get it
running properly.
I purchased WriteLog a year ago and haven't had the time to get it
running yet. Almost no documentation comes with the program.
Rick, with all due respect, there is so much information on running WL
that it's everywhere. You do have to know a few simple rules, such as
saving your parameters after setup for a contest, but the rest is gravy.

As far as extra drivers, none are required. The CW interface from a
serial port to you rig consists of 2 NPN transistors, 2 phony jacks to
the rig, and a DB9 cable. And BTW, that interface is identical to the
one you use with NA, CT , ect.

Writelog is not an "if it fails to work, read the instructions" project,
but so very little is required to operate.

Spend 15 mins a day just reading the docs and you will be able to run
like a pro. Plus, the Writelog and RTTY reflectors will give you an
enormous amount of help merely by searching the archives.

If that fails, not a single member of this reflector would refuse to
help you.


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