[WriteLog] Network Instability

Richard L. King k5na at texas.net
Fri Nov 25 11:23:07 EST 2005

Below is the K5NA configuration that experienced the problem during 
CQWW Phone. We also had failures during SS Phone. The only difference 
between the CQWW Phone and SS Phone here were the use of 7 networked 
computers for CQWW and 2 networked computers for SS Phone. Every 
computer used was running Win/XP.

At 15:36 11/25/2005, Hal Kennedy wrote:
>I have gotten a flood of private email in the last hour.  Ill try to
>compile some stats and see what we can learn.  If you have the
>bandmap-flicker-followed-by-crash problem, please send me a note with
>the following info:

K5NA Info:

>Number of computer on the network

7 - Two were desk-top and the others laptops.

>CPU speeds and amount of RAM if you know

All above 1G speed and at least one as much as 2.6G.

Memory sizes were varied with the largest RAM being 1G The machine 
wiith 2.6G speed and with 1.0G RAM crashed as many times as any of 
the others. Maybe more because it was the center of the network.




All computers running Win/XP at the latest levels.

>WL version


>Link: Ethernet or wireless

Mixture. Packet spots were received from an in-house AR-Cluster over 
the local network. The Internet was ONLY used if there were problems 
with the AR-Cluster and we needed an alternate connection path.

>Under WIN98 there are some memory management issues that can be improved
>with add on programs and tweaks.   See:

Not applicable since I was using no machines at Win/98. We thought 
W/98 was the problem last year when the same thing was happening. 
That's why we switched to using all XP machines this year but the 
same problem occurred.

>So far I have input that it is happening under WIN98SE and XP, wired and
>wireless.  The stations with two or more rigs adding Qs to the network
>along with telnet seem to be suffering the most.

I plan a single-op assisted this weekend with only one computer 
running a bandmap and I will see if the problem occurs.

73, Richard - K5NA

k5na at texas.net 

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