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My Configuration in CQWW CW (**) and in SS (***)
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I have gotten a flood of private email in the last hour.  Ill try to
compile some stats and see what we can learn.  If you have the
bandmap-flicker-followed-by-crash problem, please send me a note with
the following info:

Number of computer on the network

**7 ***7

CPU speeds and amount of RAM if you know
**7 @ 500mhz  ***7 @ 500mhz
Think there is at least 128 RAM in each machine


** *** TCP/IP


** *** WIN98_SE

WL version

** *** 10.47
Tried to upgrade to 10.55 this week with no sucess

Link: Ethernet or wireless

** *** Wireless
Tried two different arrangements
All computers in home (10) were on a 54mb Linksys wireless network.
There are 3 XP machines and  7 WIN98_SE machines.
The XP machines have 54 mb cards in them
The WIN98_SE's have 11 mb cards in them.

I established a second wireless network using a 11mb hub. Only hooked the
7 WIN98_SE machines to it.. No help

In SS I had 160/40/15M computers networked together as WK4Y and
the 80/20/10M computers networked as W4MYA.
Packet and Logging connectivity was up and down all weekend.

I brought up the CQWWCW2004 file (3200 QSO's) up in one machine. Brought up
a second machine with the bandmap up. No radio connected to the second 
so the bandmap showed "0" freq.
Established a link between them. It looked like ALL the contacts being 
tried to show up at the "0" frequency on the bandmap. That would cause a 
Tried it twice. The second time there was gibberish instead of real calls 
the bandmap.

Maybe if you ran the memory manager before the contest, it might help, but
once the program goes nuts, it is too late!

Take care

Under WIN98 there are some memory management issues that can be improved
with add on programs and tweaks.   See:


So far I have input that it is happening under WIN98SE and XP, wired and
wireless.  The stations with two or more rigs adding Qs to the network
along with telnet seem to be suffering the most.




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