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I'm forwarding this for Mike.

Bob W2WG

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Bob  thanks for the answer   ..I am using 98 and I have kept two older 
Dell's for my station computers to avoid the XP issues..I was floored 
when I could not make this simple circuit work.....I assume I am still 
doing something wrong...I am using the rig and the computer at the 
moment but I am using the internal keyer on the PRO II...so any hints  I 
have checked the wires ..used a breakout box to check the cable  
replaced the transister.....at this point I do not believe the signal is 
leaving the LPT port  by the way do you know if the correct pin is 16 or 
17 the literature says each in different places..also you might forward 
this to the reflector as I am typing between Q's   Mike NI7T


>Hi, Mike-
>If you are using XP you are out of luck because XP will not let an
>application play with the LTP port directly--and that's what Writelog does.
>For some reason the Writelog developers absolutely refuse to incorporate a
>port driver in Writelog though everyone else on earth has done so. They
>insists you load something called UserPort--a free utility that may or may
>not work for you--or some other one whose name escapes me which cost about
>$40.  You are much better off to go to all serial port control as those
>ports may still be manipulated in the old fashioned way.  Of course it
>out that many folks do not have a serial port available.
>Good luck--and let me know what you do!
>Bob W2WG
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>Hey   If some who is not in the middle of the contest could help...I am 
>setting up a hunt and ponce station in a multi single for the cw contest 
>and using a dell win 98 computer ,,I thought using LPT to key a ProII 
>would be simple but  after following the the instructions and the 
>threads I cannot key the xmtr..there is no indication  that the that the 
>program is keying via LPT1
>I am using WL version 10.55 and the simple one transister solution  from 
>page 63 in the Help index  thanks ... Mike NI7T
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