[WriteLog] Extra SSB memories revisited

Gary Senesac AL9A al9a at pobox.mtaonline.net
Sat Nov 26 20:09:00 EST 2005

I finally got the time to sit down and play with the Keyboard Shortcuts
utility and set up MessageShiftPh02 through MessageShiftPh11 shortcuts as
suggested by Garry, NI6T using the Alt+1 through Alt+0 keys to access the
shifted SSB message buffers.  Works like a champ - thanks again Garry.

Now I have questions regarding using the normal Shift+Fn record on the fly
feature.  When trying to use this feature I am having mixed and confusing
results.  Most of the time, with the entry window having the focus, pressing
a Shift+Fn key will bring up the error message "Invalid access to memory
location.".  If I move the focus from the entry window to the main WL window
SOMETIMES I get the error message and SOMETIMES WL will shift into record on
the fly mode.  IF I can get WL into the record on the fly mode and record a
message, SOMETIMES the message will record, but SOMETIMES the recorded
message is nothing but background noise without any audio.

Further, one record on the fly attempt was apparently successful, but when I
played back the message another error window called "WL Sound Errors"
opened up with the message "0.wav format incompatible with earlier files."
The message played ok, but I have to click on the OK box to each time to
make the error message disappear.  I did nothing to modify the 0.wave file
since it was created using the Windows sound recorder.

I can see how record on the fly would be a useful feature, particularly for
split freq operations, but am not sure if the hassle is worth it given the
flaky performance.  Anyone else ever run across similar behavior or have an
idea on how to fix the problem?

Gary AL9A

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