[WriteLog] More as one rotator control?

Mikhail Bondarev rl3bm at rl3bm.ru
Sun Dec 3 11:15:47 EST 2006

HI guys!
I'm a newcomer to this fantastic software and I'm in process of
learning it step by step. In WL's Port Setup window I can set up two
rotator controls via COM-ports for two radios. At present I have my 6el 20m
yagi + 6 el. 15m. yagi on the same tower rotating with Yesu 2800DXA
and I'm thinking about Idiom Press RotorCard. But what to do with my
future monobanders on the separate towers?
What you guys doing if you have few towers with monobanders? How to
use just one rotator control for one radio?

Regards, Mike RL3BM
www.rl3bm.ru (sorry, only in Russian at present time).

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