[WriteLog] OKDX Cabrillo ???

David Ashworth fathom at dslextreme.com
Sat Dec 16 18:03:57 EST 2006

Hello Phil and all.  I remember the same trouble last year and dug into my
drawer and found a note from last year.  The credit should go to Tim, N9LF.
Very poor conditions here on this side of the pond also (San Francisco). If
things go right, I will be up in Yuba County for the ARRL Roundup.  Good
luck, Dave, NC6P.  Here is the note from last year:

OK-DX fix from Tim, N9LF

1)      Note your OK-DX score

2)      Export your OK-DX log in ADIF format

3)      Close Writelog

4)      Open Writelog and start a new contest.  Select CQWW-RTTY

5)      On the file menu, select IMPORT.  Choose the OK-DX ADIF file

6)      On the File menu, select EXPORT, Cabrillo (enter zone & QTH)

7)      Close Writelog

8)      Edit the saved Cabrillo log with a text editor and make the
following changes:

a)      Edit the header to show the correct contest and claimed score and
any other  pertinent data

b)     Change each QSO record to remove the QTH info (most text editors can

do this in one step)

      You should now have a valid Cabrillo log.     Tim - N9LF

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