[WriteLog] directio woes ( more)

Dave Hachadorian K6LL at adelphia.net
Tue Dec 26 11:36:13 EST 2006

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> Sorry to return to this chestnut.
> I'd really like to have WL working with my MK2R+ for
> redundancy if naught else. I have perennially had problems
> with this app. It allowed selection of an LPT port one 
> time
> ( XP Home) but quit without warning after a few days ( not
> 30 N.B.).
> Even after complete uninstallation of WL and directio and
> subsequent reinstallation, all the LPT ports are greyed 
> out,
> but paradoxically the original tick mark in the DVK box 
> that
> I entered is still there ( greyed out)! Yes I've followed
> all the guidelines for installation, 378-37A for LPT1, and
> the WL exe in the security tab, but nada.

Maybe you can use 
to put your computer back to a time when DirectIO was 

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ


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