[WriteLog] Edgeport question....

Ric Plummer ricp at charter.net
Thu Dec 28 12:34:32 EST 2006

I just checked my 8 port Edgeport and all is well with the band maps
it just doesn't make sense to me, that the Radio Button has the right
freq and the band maps don't. I thought the same data was used.
Maybe one of the developers can chime in on this
Ric KV1W

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I'm attempting to use an Edgeport USB to serial adapter. It allows FSK 
keying and Rig Control just fine.

The "radio" buttons in the QSO entry window follow band selection and 
frequency from the radios and the radios can be commanded from the radio 
buttons. However, the band maps do not show frequency. If Rig Control is 
connected to the "real" serial ports, everything is fine.

I have setup ports correctly in the WL ports menu as well as correct 
COMM ports in the radio button menus.

OS is Windows 2000 on a Pentium III.   I looked at the archives and 
everyone seems to be having good results with Edgeports.  Any thoughts 
from the group?

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