[WriteLog] Dumb question # 8578

Gary Senesac AL9A al9a at pobox.mtaonline.net
Sun Jan 8 06:02:01 EST 2006

Starting to make some headway with my soundcard levels, but haven't quite
got the beast tamed yet.  Thanks to all WHO responded.

I've made a few RTTY RU contacts, but now am not sure I am sending the right
report.  The rules say US stations send RST and state (AK is a US state!)
and DX stations send RST and serial number.  Later the rules say KL7 and KH6
COUNT as DX multipliers.  Does this mean I should be sending a serial number
and not my state???  The rules are about as clear as mud.  I've been sending
AK as the state, and most stations accept that, but a couple have asked for
the serial number.  Why can't the ARRL just say "KL7 and KH6 send RST and
???"?  The reference to all US states SEND State and KL7 COUNTS as a DX
multiplier leaves me confused.
Gary AL9A

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