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Gary Senesac AL9A al9a at pobox.mtaonline.net
Sun Jan 8 14:57:53 EST 2006

Glad I'm not the only one who's confused.  I am an experienced contester,
just not from here.  Only been operating here two years and this is my first
attempt at a RTTY contest ever.  The consensus from others is AK is DX and I
should send a serial number.  So, I screwed that up!  But, as you say, I had
help from Newington.

The rules say:

4. Exchange:

4.1. United States: Signal report and State. (Last time I checked HI and AK

4.2. Canada: Signal report and Province.

4.3. DX: Signal report and consecutive serial number, starting with 001.
(Last time I checked HI and AK are also DX on the DXCC list!)

How about this instead?

4. Exchange:

4.1. United States, except for KH6 and KL7: Signal report and State.

4.2. Canada: Signal report and Province.

4.3. DX, including KH6 and KL7: Signal report and consecutive serial number,
starting with 001.

Seems much clearer and unambiguous to me.  But what the heck do I know, I've
only got two college degrees!

Like wise, section 5.2 on Multipliers makes little sense when you think
about it.

5. Scoring:

5.1. QSO Points: Count one point for each completed QSO.

5.2. Multipliers: Each US state (except KH6 and KL7) plus the District of
Columbia (DC), Canadian provinces/territories: NB (VE1, 9), NS (VE1), QC
(VE2), ON (VE3), MB (VE4), SK (VE5), AB (VE6), BC (VE7), NWT (VE8), NF
(VO1), LB (VO2), NU (VYØ), YT (VY1), PEI (VY2) and each DXCC country. KH6
and KL7 count only as separate DXCC entities.

5.2.1. Count only once (not once per band).

5.2.2. The US and Canada do not count as DXCC entities.

What is the point of differentiating between US states (not including KH6
and KL7) and DX for multipliers?  Each multiplier, regardless, of whether it
is a US state or DX, counts only once.  It would be different if DX
multipliers had more value than a state multiplier, but they don't.  The
last sentence of 5.2 indicates that KH6 and KL7 won't count as a double
mult, as both state and DX.  This is the only thing in this section that
needs to be stated.  In my mind this still doesn't clear up the exchange
needed!  I will try to give you some backing and send my two cents in to
ARRL contest desk as well.  This ain't brain surgery and the confusion could
be easily cleared up!  Aloha.
Gary AL9A

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> Gary, not a dumb question at all. I am a Hawaii resident ham. As an
> avid RTTY contester, I have been struggling with the same thing for years.
> Queries to ARRL leave the answer clear as mud.   Some contests AK
> and HI are US entities and others a DX entity.
> Still confused, 73 de sid ah6hh
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> > Starting to make some headway with my soundcard levels, but haven't
> > got the beast tamed yet.  Thanks to all WHO responded.
> >
> > I've made a few RTTY RU contacts, but now am not sure I am sending the
> > right
> > report.  The rules say US stations send RST and state (AK is a US
> > and DX stations send RST and serial number.  Later the rules say KL7 and
> > KH6
> > COUNT as DX multipliers.  Does this mean I should be sending a serial
> > number
> > and not my state???  The rules are about as clear as mud.  I've been
> > sending
> > AK as the state, and most stations accept that, but a couple have asked
> > for
> > the serial number.  Why can't the ARRL just say "KL7 and KH6 send RST
> > ???"?  The reference to all US states SEND State and KL7 COUNTS as a DX
> > multiplier leaves me confused.
> > Gary AL9A
> >
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