[WriteLog] LPT problem

Alan Maenchen ad6e at inreach.com
Thu Jan 12 00:32:23 EST 2006

I've been using WL for years, and this is something new for me.

Comfuser is a 2GHz thingamabob with 2 com ports and one LPT on the motherboard (one of the last available!) running W2K pro.

I've used this machine for months. Nothing has changed that I know of. Now, for some reason, LPT 1 in WL is grayed out, but LPT2 is available. In ControlPanel/System/Hardware/DeviceManager, the PORTS section only show COM1, COM2, and LPT1.  There is no LPT2.  Needless to say, the CW on LPT and the SO2R control no longer work. Both COM1 and COM2 appear to work OK.

This may dampen my enthusiasm for NAQP.

Any ideas?

Thanks & 73,  Al  AD6E

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