[WriteLog] LPT problem

Bill Turner dezrat1242 at ispwest.com
Thu Jan 12 10:29:46 EST 2006


At 09:32 PM 1/11/2006, Alan Maenchen wrote:

>I've been using WL for years, and this is something new for me.
>Comfuser is a 2GHz thingamabob with 2 com ports and one LPT on the 
>motherboard (one of the last available!) running W2K pro.
>I've used this machine for months. Nothing has changed that I know 
>of. Now, for some reason, LPT 1 in WL is grayed out, but LPT2 is 
>available. In ControlPanel/System/Hardware/DeviceManager, the PORTS 
>section only show COM1, COM2, and LPT1.  There is no LPT2.  Needless 
>to say, the CW on LPT and the SO2R control no longer work. Both COM1 
>and COM2 appear to work OK.
>This may dampen my enthusiasm for NAQP.
>Any ideas?
>Thanks & 73,  Al  AD6E


In a situation like this with any program, not just WriteLog, I would 
go to control panel and uninstall the com and lpt ports, then reboot. 
Windows will find them again and with luck, things will be ok. WinXP 
should load the drivers automatically, but with Win98 you may have to 
install them manually. Either way, you will have a clean install of 
your ports. If the problem persists, I would uninstall and reinstall 
WriteLog. Be sure to save all your .wl files to a different directory 
so you can put them back.

I think this approach is better than trying to poke around and find 
what changed and fix it, since if this part of the system or program 
is munged, there may be others too. Best to start clean.

Note: Don't just "disable" the ports, actually uninstall them.

73, Bill W6WRT

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