[WriteLog] FT2000 freq resolution

Jerry Pixton jpixton at shentel.net
Sun Dec 23 12:30:44 EST 2007

Happy Holidays,

Anyone using the Yaesu FT2000 with the DMU-2000 Data Management Unit?

My question is:

Can the FT2000 indicate frequency to the Hertz instead of 10 Hz like my 
FT1000mp shows?

All the brochures show either a 7 digit display or on the DMU software they 
show a tiny "0" in the Hertz position. Does this really change from "0" to 
indicate hertz or is it cosmetic?

The CAT manual seems to indicate that data is sent as text strings (like 
Kenwood) instead of the old 5 byte groups of the FT1000mp. And the FA 
command shows 8 digits and interestingly the FB command shows 11 digits?

Santa is getting me a new radio, I hope

Jerry, W6IHG
Dr. Jerry R. Pixton, PIXOS Designs

jpixton at shentel.net

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