[WriteLog] Writelog 10.62 TCP/IP Networking

Charles Morrison cfmorris at bellsouth.net
Tue Mar 6 19:19:46 EST 2007

Thanks George, its not a problem of connecting, its a problem of the link
disconnecting and causing a Network error log to be produced.  I dont have
the log with me, its out at the camp, but I did look at it immediately
followingthe first crash, after i'd saved it.  Seems things were trucking
along pretty well and it just up and dropped the connection.  Maybe its a
crappy switch (Linksys) or bad nic drivers, I dunno, but i definitely have
problems with it staying connected using TCP/IP.  Funny thing about the
switch and the nic drivers though, it doesnt disconnect or ever error out if
I select NetDDE when I make the initial connection.



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Its not a matter of the program trying to control the networking, it's the
method by which the log's between the two computers are shared across the
network.  Im not a programmer so I cant speak on exactly what the
differences between the NetDDE and TCP/IP methods in Writelog are, but you
need one of the two, and I'm continuing to have problems with TCP/IP.

A good NETdde faq is here:



If you are having trouble connecting, try using the TCP/IP address instead
of COMPUTER NAME when you LINK TO NETWORK.  That should work.
73, Geo...


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