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John R. Klim II john.klim at verizon.net
Thu Mar 22 20:39:56 EST 2007

Hi Tom,

Sometimes there are problems with E-Mail, ISPs, networking.  Some people
have had no problems in ordering the software and getting the registration
E-Mail and some have not.  

If you have problems receiving your registration key send another E-Mail
using an alternate E-Mail address for the information to be sent,

Mr. John R. Klim II
Grid:  FM19na
QSL LOTW-Bureau- direct
As a courtesy, I upload to eQSL but if you use that - also pls upload to
LOTW or hard card.
ARRL LM-0008416263, AMSAT  LM-2187,  QRPARCI  #10392,  FISTS  # 5015,  MQFD
10-X Life Member  # 68135,  Springbok Chapter  # 1874,  Chesapeake Bay
Chapter  # 549
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Hi to All/
One quick question where  and or how do I get the software?
I got a several page email that rambles on and on and did not see
how to get the program. May have missed something.

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