[WriteLog] Using Writelog w/DigiKeyer FSK Port

Brian K.Short k7on at wildblue.net
Wed Mar 28 14:02:03 EST 2007

On Mar 28, 2007, at 11:46 AM, Eric - VE3GSI wrote:
> Yes that is a problem caused when WriteLog's RTTYrite module is left 
> (or
> defaulted) in the RTTY mode using a PK-232 and its serial port is 
> assigned
> to a virtual port assigned by the USB driver. This can happen even if 
> you do
> not own a PK-232.

Well, I can see how what you are saying might happen, but
I don't think it applies here, unfortunately.

I was able to workaround to get no FSK port selected while
still in the FSK mode.  I also use AFSK mode, but PK-232 was
never defaulted.

It is just when I assign the FSK port to the proper Router port,
it will crash the system when I restart the program.  I did see
something in the Change Log about drivers.

As soon as I get the info, I'll try the latest version of Writelog.
10.52F is old I guess.

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