[WriteLog] Updates

Rob k6rb at baymoon.com
Sun May 13 18:30:17 EDT 2007

My last post to this thread.

I don't think it's fair to compare WriteLog to Microsoft. Several years ago, 
I completed a PowerPoint presentation for Intel. It took me 12 hours. In 
proofing it, I found an error on one notes page. I fixed that error and hit 
"save." When I looked at the file, all the notes pages except that one were 
gone. Gone! I called Microsoft support, was routed to a tech, told him what 
happened, and he said "Oh, you found the bug." No, it didn't cost me 
anything to get that support, but I lost about $1800 in hourly fees. So, 
please don't tell me about Microsoft fixing bugs and not charging for it. 
How many hours have I spent on the phone with Microsoft technical support 
because of strange behaviors of one version or another of Windows? Again, it 
represents hundreds if not thousands of dollars in lost productivity time. 
So, WriteLog is an incredible bargain - even at $30 per year. I have never 
lost a log or file due to a bug in more than 7 years. I can't say the same 
about Microsoft.

Okay, finito.

Rob K6RB

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