[WriteLog] Starting over again as a fetus

Garry Shapiro garry at ni6t.com
Mon May 21 05:08:01 EDT 2007

I have been using WL for quite a few years. Recently, my wife's computer 
died; my computer became hers, and I upgraded to a slightly more capable 
one--a little faster, more memory, better video card, bigger & faster HD.

The changeover has not been smooth. Despite my care in transferring 
files and programs, my WL folder showed up essentially empty on the 
newer box. I lost all my contest logs, but I did have my .wav files 
duplicated elsewhere and my writelog.ini was safe. I downloaded 10.62 
Full and began to set up anew.

The previous computer used XP Home, so I was familiar with the need to 
use UserPort or DirectIO to enable parallel ports---I have used LPT 
keying since before I became a WL user. The prior experience was a 
non-event---I downloaded both utilities, used UserPort, and had LPT 
access. No sweat. This time is different. The second parallel port, 
LPT3, drives a legacy HP LJ4M printer under either utility, but the LPT 
choices in the WL Setup window remain gray and unavailable. I have 
entered the standard IO ranges in both utilities (3bc-3bf, 
278-27f.378-37f) and in DirectIO I have added IRQ 5 & 7, and a path to 
Writelog. No joy. No, I do not run both utilities simultaneously.

The only difference I can note between the two computer setups is that 
this one uses XP Pro. So the question arises--does XP Pro 
unconditionally preclude access to the parallel ports, or is something 
else going on here? If the latter, what might it be?

I seem to recall that K9JY's website used to address this issue in 
detail, but that Scott has gone to serial port keying and no longer 
seems to mention parallel port keying.

Garry, NI6T

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