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> The second parallel port,
> LPT3, drives a legacy HP LJ4M printer under either
> utility, but the LPT
> choices in the WL Setup window remain gray and
> unavailable. I have
> entered the standard IO ranges in both utilities (3bc-3bf,
> 278-27f.378-37f) and in DirectIO I have added IRQ 5 & 7,
> and a path to
> Writelog. No joy. No, I do not run both utilities
> simultaneously.
> The only difference I can note between the two computer
> setups is that
> this one uses XP Pro. So the question arises--does XP Pro
> unconditionally preclude access to the parallel ports, or
> is something
> else going on here? If the latter, what might it be?

My XP Pro works with DirectIO, but not Userport.


Check the LPT resource assignments: control panel / system /
hardware / device manager / ports / LPT / printer /
resources.  What happened to LPT 1?

Try addressing only one LPT port at a time.

Use K2QMF's Directio procedure, if you're not already:
1 - Open the Direct I/O control panel.
2 - In the I/O Ports Tab enter the BEGIN and END address.
      For LPT1 it is  378  and  37A.
3 - Click ADD button ( This is the step they left out)..
4 - Go to the SECURITY Tab
5 - Click BROWSE button and locate writelog directory.
6 - From there locate writelog\Programs\WriteL32.exe and
click OPEN
7 - Click ADD.
8 - Close Control Panel...

Good Luck!

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ


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