[WriteLog] Network reliability

Gerald Wilson gtwilson at integrity.com
Wed Nov 7 01:22:17 EST 2007

Hi Scott K7ZO,

I am glad to hear about the success you have had networking WriteLog at 
NK7U.   The "network reliability" and "networking" threads have received 
much play on this reflector over the past few years especially after Field 
Day, it seems.

There is always a controversy about the systems used including Windows OS 
version, CPU speed, available RAM, WriteLog version, buss 
traffic/collisions, TCP/IP versus other protocols, questions of RFI and 
more.  There have been so many people with questions and concerns, while 
there have not been many authoritative answers.  Thanks to Bob for asking 
the question, if one could "reveal the secrets of their particular 
[successful WriteLog] network set-up."  There has been a lack of information 
coming through this channel about how to achieve a reliable network setup 
judging by the postings.

I won't spend bandwidth here recounting our FD group's network issues.  I 
would say that we have had networking problems 3 out of 4 years.  Doesn't 
Murphy always visit on Field Day?   That one year was sweet!  Anyway try as 
we might, we were not able to recreate that success of the one year when the 
network functioned as it should.  I will say that in 2007, we had a ham on 
site who works as a LAN admin at his workplace.  He was not able to 
re-establish a stable, robust, and reliable network.  We have relied on the 
Help files, other supporting website instructions, and e-mailed instructions 
passed around from club to club.  The latter supposedly had the "straight 
scoop" on WriteLog networking.  As the cliche goes, "Still no joy."

Please elaborate on the instructions (or the source of the instructions) you 
or the NK7U-LAN administrator have used to achieve a stable, robust, and 
reliable network using WriteLog.  Thank you for the points you have already 


    Jerry    K7VIT

A pleased WriteLog owner for over 5 years.

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> Have used WL for years at NK7U in MS, MM, M2 environments with high levels
> of RF, up to 5 PC's online at the same time. Never had any problems I 
> would
> call "networking" problems. Had something that looked like networking
> problems once that we finally traced down to someone had changed the 
> default
> directories WL was using. We had multiple revisions of WL on the same PC 
> in
> some cases -- somehow someone changed the default directories across
> versions on one PC which then did not behave well. We have since cleaned
> this up and have one and only one version of WL on the PC's at the same
> time. We also do not allow any direct web access from contest PC's
> anymore -- web, IM, e-mail, etc. -- which also cleaned up the PC's quite a
> bit.
> But, to me WL network behavior is a shining star. Once you have a PC crash
> at 2AM, drop in a spare, and have it auto-sync the log back up in seconds,
> you know it is something special.
> Scott/K7zo
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>> In recent years I've used WL MS and M2 but have been troubled by periodic
>> network failure and half hearted recovery.  Having never been able to 
>> nail
>> down the cause, I have assumed the culprit to be RF triggered by some
>> combination of transmission frequency and antenna direction.  UNTIL that
>> is for CQWW Phone this year some visiting ops used Win-Test, which
>> suffered no such network (or any other) failures during the whole event.
>> When I enquired about their choice of WT they said it was based upon its
>> overall reliability and in particular "rock solid" networking.
>> It appears my WL network failures are much more to do with WL than RF and
>> may be a set-up issue. Could someone who is running WL in a multi-op,
>> networked environment and finding it to be robust, please reveal the
>> secrets of their particular network set-up.
>> Many thanks.
>> Bob, 5B4AGN, P3F
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