[WriteLog] CAT control of 2 rigs

WX5S, Matt Thomas mmthoma at attglobal.net
Wed Nov 14 19:40:15 EST 2007

Well I assume that you have two radio's selected?
And you should see two entry windows, one for each
radio?  There is also a right click menu in the entry
window where the freq is displayed with some options

I am still having trouble with left radio loosing
communiction with WL. It works, but when clicking on
a bandspot after radio QSY's it stops talking to WL!!!
If I just open and close WL setup->ports window then
it starts talking again to WL. Right hand radio works
Very strange. I have no idea why...

/Matt WX5S

Dennis Gabler wrote:
> OK next question.  I am trying to set up computer control of both my
> TS-570D's, I have one running on COM4 (the "right rig") but I am unable
> to communicate with the "left rig" on COM1. I have Kenwood selected in
> the Setup->Ports window for both COM ports. I can see either rig if I
> move the COM4 cable.
> Am I missing something when I set this up ?
> Thanks,
> Dennis W5DG
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