[WriteLog] CAT control of 2 rigs

Eric - VE3GSI ve3gsi at sympatico.ca
Wed Nov 14 19:59:32 EST 2007

An easy miss Dennis.

If I have read you question correctly, you have missed turning on the second
entry window.  This is selected in the Number of Radios from the Radio
drop-down menu (last item in the list). After you have the second entry
window showing on the screen simply click on the Frequency button beside the
entry window and in the drop-down menu choose the option that tells the
entry window which rig is on which port. You can also label left and right
rig with the Radio drop-down option.

Hope that is the correct info you are after. If not, please ask for a follow
up on the reflector.

73 Eric - VE3GSI..

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Dennis Gabler
> OK next question.  I am trying to set up computer control of both my 
> TS-570D's, I have one running on COM4 (the "right rig") but I 
> am unable 
> to communicate with the "left rig" on COM1. I have Kenwood 
> selected in 
> the Setup->Ports window for both COM ports. I can see either rig if I 
> move the COM4 cable.
> Am I missing something when I set this up ?
> Thanks,
> Dennis W5DG

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