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Don Hill AA5AU aa5au at bellsouth.net
Sat Nov 24 23:59:03 EST 2007

There is no waterfall.  There is only a spectrum display.

1. Open a RTTY window (Rttyrite)from the main WL Window menu.
2. In the TU Type menu of the Rttyrite window, select Soundboard AFSK.
3. In the Mode menu of the Rttyrite window, select BPSK and a small tuning display will appear.

I played with this today.  I had to really crank up the audio from my receiver in order to get a signal to show up in the display. I
may have been able to compensate this by increasing the level in the Windows Record Control panel but didn't play with it.  And it
seems the filter of the PSK function of WriteLog is centered around 1000 hz with no way to adjust it.  You can adjust transmit and
receive frequency but if you get too far from 1000 hz you lose the signal on the display even though you can hear it clearly through
the headphones (or speaker).  This is probably by design and makes for a nice narrow filter.  I'm guessing Wayne envisioned PSK
contesting like RTTY contesting where you tune in a signal with the VFO instead of clicking on a signal in a waterfall or spectrum

However, I was extremely impressed with the ability of WriteLog to copy PSK while a CW contester hammered away in my receiver's
audio passband.

73, Don AA5AU

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I have been reasding the thread on psk so I went to WL to play with it. I can't find any reference to it or waterfall etc. Where is
Rabbi Cy Stanway

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