[WriteLog] Audio Review clock problem

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Wed Apr 2 21:11:22 EDT 2008

I'm running WL 10.65C on a new Dell laptop running Vista and have just 
noticed a problem with the time stamp sync between the log QSO times and the 
recording times shown in the Audio Review window.  As I begin playing back 
audio clips of contacts at the beginning of an audio review file segment, 
the QSO time in the log and the recording time in Audio Review are in pretty 
close agreement.  However, as I progress through the audio file the times 
get further and further out of sync with the Audio Review time lagging the 
log time.

When I'm at about the middle of the audio file segment, and seek to playback 
a specific QSO, the playback starts near the end of the QSO, not the 
beginning.  I have to click and drag the slider back 20 to 30 seconds to get 
to the beginning of the QSO.  By the time I am listening to QSO's near the 
end of an audio file segment the time shift is a minute or more out of sync. 
When I click on a call in the log for playback that is near the end of the 
audio file segment I miss the call I want entirely and end up getting the 
next call in the log.  Now I have to drag the slider back a minute or more 
to start at the beginning of the QSO I want to review.

When a new audio segment loads in the two clock times are again in sync, but 
the further into the audio file I go the more out of sync the two times get. 
I assume that both programs are using the system clock to track the times, 
so cannot understand why they gradually work themselves out of sync.  I 
never noticed this problem before on another machine running earlier WL 
versions under XP, so I'm not sure if it is a WL problem, a timing problem 
with the new machine, or a Vista problem.  It is not a critical problem, but 
annoying nonetheless.  Any ideas?

Gary AL9A

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