[WriteLog] Help with setting up RTTY with WL

Gordon LaPoint n1mgo at comcast.net
Wed Apr 2 02:41:44 EDT 2008

    See the tutorials by Don, AA5AU.

MMTTY and Writelog can be used in AFSK or FSK.

Gordon - N1MGO

On 1 Apr 2008 at 22:10, John Muzyka wrote:

> I am new to RTTY and at the min' I am using MixW2 as a programme and a G3LIV
> ISOTERM MULTICON - USB interface and run RTTY using AFSK I dont like using
> MixW2 in a contest.
>   I have downloaded MMTTY and the MMTTY module for WL and can get it up on the
> screen in WL but cant get it to work,  Is there some kind sole out there that
> can perhaps guide me off the reflector (dont want to take up bandwidth) into
> setting MMTTY up to work with WL ( I have used it for years on CW) thats if it
> will work with AFSK ?
>   Cheers
>   John G4RCG
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