ve2lx ve2lx at sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 14 16:13:01 EST 2008

I want to hookup my laptop ( TOSHIBA SATELLITE BOUGHT LAST FALL ) port.
Normally there is no serial port and there is 4 USB.
I bought a  2 USB to serial port interface box (SIIG ) adaptor.
Installation work correctly and on computer startup it switch on/off rigbalster plus but no TX on macros...
but intallation gave port 6 and 7 when WL setup show 1 to 4 serial and Lpt 1 to 3.
in control panel I changed both to 1 and 2 restart but it does'nt see the pro3 ct-17 inteface for freqs & bands noer PTT.
I would prefer to use com 1 and 2 which seems to be available on control panel port change but if I must use 6 or 7 OK.

How do we do that...?I seen we can address higher port number to WL setup main page but I lost it recently.
I will use my laptop on cmming small expedition.

Can someone give an help 

Gilles   VE2LX
ve2lx at sympatico.ca

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