[WriteLog] writelog across isolation transformers

ve2lx ve2lx at sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 28 16:47:44 EST 2008

My writelog software now works on any mode RTTY CW SSB including macros.

But I have a problem WITH SSB TX when I add insulation transformers (one on RX the other on TX ) in the computer audio output ( there is two transformers 1:1 at 600 / 900 ohms in a small box wired in parrallele with only two wires to the stereo connectors, one wire to the tip, the other to the ground side, and I respected the primary and secondary polarities ) ...? .

I did'nt connect a secondary line side to a resistor or any other part as mentionned in articles ((( because it was working like that before, no more then two weeks ago when I decided to use shielded wires which was'nt before ( was smal lamp cable )

In RTTY & CW I have RX & TX but not in SSB... ?

Is there soemeone that an idea

Gilles   ve2lx

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