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Writelog will do all the main contests with Rttyrite just fine.  For some of
the smaller contests there are some contest modules available on the
Writelog download page.   I suggest sticking with vanilla Rttyrite for the
first few contests.  When you're comfortable with that model try MMTTY.  The
MMTTY plugin adds a little better decoding (and more options to set up), but
no additional contests - see www.rttycontesting.com for installation

For contest calendars try:


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I see that some use MMTTY for RTTY contest and what others are using I have
no idea, I thought WL could run all the contest by its self that is why I
bought it. Please be patient with me I have been a rag chewer all my Ham
life and not into contest at all except for FD, I am now disabled and have
allot of time to play and want to get into contesting so I have a learning
curve to go through and the curve is long for me hi hi.

73 Wayne AA5JJ

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