[WriteLog] DL-DX RTTY Contest

DJ3IW Götz goetzlin at t-online.de
Thu Jul 3 15:18:30 EDT 2008


just a reminder:

The DL-DX RTTY Contest runs again this weekend, starting Saturday,
5 July at 1100 UTC until Sunday, 6 July, 1059 UTC.

This contest is especially interesting for it's various competition
classes. There is a distinction between SO1R (classes A-E) and SO2R
(or even SO-multiple-R) (classes F-G). Further classes distinguish
between antennas, not power. There are classes for owners of (high)
gain antennas (classes A and B) and simple ones (classes C and D).
This way owners of small aerials like dipoles/groundplanes will find
this contest interesting.

Hams having little time to spend in contesting might enter one of the
6-hour classes (B and D). Even a short time effort may result in an
award winning position. Choose the times of highest activity. Only
the first 6 hours will be eligible but you may continue in the contest
just for fun.
Breaks must be not shorter than 60 minutes.
Entrants for classes F and G are only limited by the conditions of their
licence and physical or mental stamina.

The different classes are: (number of 2007 participants in parenthesis)

Class A:   SO1R AB(all bands)  - (158)
Class B:   SO1R AB 6 hours     - (107)
Class C:   SO1R AB limited antennas - (123)
Class D:   SO1R AB 6h limited antennas - (80)
Class E:   MO1R AB             - (11)
Class F:   SO2R AB no limit    - (10)
Class G:   MO2R AB no limit    - (1)

Detailed rules are published on the DRCG home page www.drcg.de.
Writelog users can find the required contest module at www.dl1efd.de.
Cabrillo logs (subject CALL.LOG) NLT 10 August to logs-at-drcg.de.

We wish all participants lots of fun and hope to meet you in the

Bernd, DC3HB
DL-DX RTTY Contest Manager

73 de Goetz, DJ3IW

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