[WriteLog] Keyer Control Suggestion

Rick Tavan rick at tavan.com
Fri Jun 6 19:17:25 EDT 2008

Thanks, Richard. If all I had was a K1EL keyer, your suggestion might 
work. But I recently converted to MK2R+ and Writelog does some essential 
stuff knowing that's what it has. I agree that my suggestion to separate 
hand sending from computer speed would have to be optional.


Richard L. King wrote:
> At 02:05 6/6/2008, Rick Tavan wrote:
>> The K1EL Winkey and other products that embed it like microHAM MK2R
>> allow both computer control of speed via the serial connection and
>> manual control via a pot. This results in some funny scenarios as the
>> two controls fight for supremacy. A very nice control option would be to
>> let PgUp/PgDn control the speed at which Writelog sends CW messages and
>> let the pot control the speed of paddle sending. Does this exist yet? If
>> not, is there any interest?
>> /Rick N6XI
> Hi Rick.
> I actually like the fact they are tied together in speed. But it would 
> be OK if it would be optional to have dual speed controls.
> However if you run "PC Generates" instead of K1EL as your CW source 
> for the WriteLog sending, the speed control on the MK2R+ is 
> independent from the software. The result is exactly what you want to do.
> However, that opens another can of worms with CW timing and sending 
> glitches. So I wouldn't suggest actually doing it.
> This is how I ran before Wayne fixed the K1EL support in WL10.66.
> Richard - K5NA

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