[WriteLog] CW Keying problems

Magnus Aronsson sm6wet at telia.com
Mon Jun 9 00:39:51 EDT 2008


I recently had a hard disk crach which resulted in me getting a new 

Intalled my writelog version which is 10.44b and had most things running.

With newer computers today one gets none or only 1 com port so I installed a 
extra card with 2 com ports.

My com ports are for some reason #1, #3 & #4.

Now, I plugged my rig control cabel to #1 (main board com port) and had rig 
control work FB.
I plugged my CW transmit interface that I used for years with this version 
of WL without problems to port#3 and rig would hang in transmit when in CW 
I tried to connect it to #4 and still had the same problem.

Thinking this had to do with my serial port card I plugged rig control to 
port#3 and my CW keying interface to port#1.
Guess what - radio control works, but CW keying still hangs.
This tells me there is probably nothing wrong with the ports but instead the 

This is how I have the Setup/ports:
CW on COM1
Rig on COM3
DVK Type is Windows Sound Board
CW Keyer Type is PC Generates
CW PTT... is None (e.a. QSK)

What did I miss?

73 de Magnus SM6WET 

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