[WriteLog] CW Keying problems

Eric - VE3GSI ve3gsi at sympatico.ca
Mon Jun 9 10:29:28 EDT 2008


Check the manufacture's website for a newer or optional drivers for the
add-on serial board. I had a similar problem with a Lava serial board which
would lock up certain programs, one being WriteLog when I used the port as
rotor control. In my case, Lava has a specific driver to fix mysterious lock
up problems.

Or, assuming no hardware conflicts and  no drivers updates, pull the option
serial board from the computer and see of WL still 'hangs' when the port is
used for CW.

GL de Eric - VE3GSI.

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> From: Magnus Aronsson
> Sent: June 9, 2008 12:40 AM
> Hello!
> I recently had a hard disk crach which resulted in me getting a new
> computer.
> Intalled my writelog version which is 10.44b and had most things running.
> With newer computers today one gets none or only 1 com port so I installed
> extra card with 2 com ports.
> My com ports are for some reason #1, #3 & #4.
> Now, I plugged my rig control cabel to #1 (main board com port) and had
> control work FB.
> I plugged my CW transmit interface that I used for years with this version
> of WL without problems to port#3 and rig would hang in transmit when in CW
> mode.
> I tried to connect it to #4 and still had the same problem.
> Thinking this had to do with my serial port card I plugged rig control to
> port#3 and my CW keying interface to port#1.
> Guess what - radio control works, but CW keying still hangs.
> This tells me there is probably nothing wrong with the ports but instead
> setup.
> This is how I have the Setup/ports:
> CW on COM1
> Rig on COM3
> DVK Type is Windows Sound Board
> CW Keyer Type is PC Generates
> CW PTT... is None (e.a. QSK)
> What did I miss?
> 73 de Magnus SM6WET

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