[WriteLog] PGP for dummies

Terry Conboy n6ry at arrl.net
Fri Jun 6 21:42:27 EDT 2008

I just purchased WriteLog and got the e-mail from K5DJ with the 
download info (which differs from the download filenames on the WL 
website).  I figured out that I could add .sig to the .exe filename 
to download the PGP signature file.  The 
<http://www.writelog.com/WriteLogSales.asc>WriteLogSales.asc  file 
wasn't attached as indicated in the e-mail, so I grabbed it from the website.

The MIT site no longer has a freeware copy of PGP (the WriteLog web 
site and canned e-mail need updated), so I downloaded and installed 
PGP trial version 9.8.3 from www.pgp.com.

So now I have the WriteLog .exe, the .sig file, and the public 
key.  I imported the key, which PGP says is 'not verified'.

I tried to use it to verify the .exe, but it says the key is 
invalid.  Same result with the .sig file.

Obviously, I'm missing some piece of the puzzle.  Anyone care to 
enlighten me?  I expected a learning curve for WriteLog, but I 
haven't even installed it yet!

Terry N6RY

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