[WriteLog] K3 question with v10.68

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Fri Nov 21 11:48:24 EST 2008

Not sure if this problem is unique to the K3 driver or not.  I've always 
been under the impression that you should not use the AUTO setting and 
manually set a baud rate to match the speed set up in the radio.  I've got 
my old IC-756PRO set to 19200 and it works great.

Gary AL9A

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Subject: [WriteLog] K3 question with v10.68

>I have been using version 10.67 since I first put my (2) K3s on the air
> using the K2 as the RIG in SETUP - PORTs.   Just this morning, as there 
> are
> no contests this weekend that I will be participating in, I upgraded to
> v10.68 that has the K3 listed in SETUP - PORTS.  To my surprise it did not
> work.  NO RIG was displayed for both K3s.   (I have Writelog setup for (2)
> rigs with a DXDoubler for SO2R.)    After a few failed attempts at
> resolution I decided to manually set the baud selection to 4800.   They 
> now
> work !!!
> Question:  Why does AUTO BAUD work fine in 10.67 and not in 10.68?
> Is anyone else having this problem?
> 73,
> Bruce - N1LN
> (aka: NC4KW)
> K3# 1062
> K3# 1193
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