[WriteLog] need help on this one

FireBrick w9ol at billnjudy.com
Sat Oct 11 18:08:25 EDT 2008

For some reason, when I click on RTTY spots in Writelogs Bandmap, sometime 
the Flex 5KA is changing to cw mode and cw filters.

Not every time, for instance, the K9MUG cluster spot/bandmap, worked 
properly dropping me right on his frequency, but others do not.
they can be intermixed on the Writelog BandMap.

It's like the table or chart that has the band subdivisions is not right.

Been bugging this whole contest, I've tried it all.
Writelog properly shows the freq/FSK in the radio button.
And Flex PWSDR shows DIGL for lowersideband AFSK.

I can't find any pattern, some cluster spots qsy correctly, others change to 
CW mode and cw filter.

Someone show me the light! please.

And this is new, it didn't do this before today.
I changed something but can't find what. 

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