[WriteLog] No print CW reader..

Joe Subich, W4TV lists at microham-usa.com
Tue Oct 28 22:29:40 EDT 2008

Check the setting for soundboard type (mono or stereo) in 
Writelog and check your "rec to PC" source in Writelog Sound 
Mixer Level Control.  

The CW source is not specified in the MMTTY plug-in set-up. 

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> Setup: Pro3 - MicroHam MicoKeyer - WriteLog..  Just set up 
> new computer.. WriteLog works fine sends exchanges in CW 
> etc., but no print or hash in CW reader.. MMTTY engine worked 
> fine on RTTY contest..  I have read the maual etc.. Not 
> computer savvy so keep it simple.. INI file set up?  Tnx in 
> advance.. Ed K8ZZ 

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