[WriteLog] "Zombie" Packet Windows Writelog 10.73D

Ron NØAT n0at at comcast.net
Thu Dec 3 04:30:32 PST 2009

We used Writelog 10.73D at YS4U.  We did not have the problem you describe.
We did not start the packet window automatically at startup.  We started
Writelog first, then the packet window, then connected via Telnet.  

73 de Ron NØAT

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Has anyone else experienced Writelog packet windows being left running after
Writelog is
terminated, and which will not die when clicking the "X'?

At PJ2T, we installed the Writelog 10.73D release on four PCs running
Windows XP and
Windows 98 SE2. All had this problem. It seemed to happen when the packet
window was
started automatically at startup, but no telnet connection was made before
Writelog was

73,  Jeff  K8ND

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