[WriteLog] Band Map Problems

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Sat Dec 5 01:55:43 PST 2009

New PC?  What OS?  I had the same problem when I got a new laptop with 
Vista.  If your OS is now Windows 7 it probably has the same issue with the 
sub bands file as Vista did.  Basically Windows User Account Control will 
not allow changes to the USA_Extra.SubBands file in the Writelog\Programs 
directory.  You need to get that file into the Virtual Store path or 
whatever it's named on a Windows 7 system.

I seem to recall that you can't just edit the sub band file and save it, nor 
can you copy the existing file and paste it into the Virtual Store 
Writelog\Programs folder.  I had to use the sub band utility to create a 
whole new sub band file.  When I saved that Vista put it into the Virtual 
Store Programs path and WL suddenly was able to see it and use it.  Sounds 
like the same sort of problem.  Rename your USA_Extra.SubBands file in the 
Writelog\Programs folder to something else and then use the sub band utility 
to create a new one.  It should then be in the right location.

Gary AL9A

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Subject: [WriteLog] Band Map Problems

> My problems setting things up after switching to a new PC continue.
> Operating in the TARA RTTY contest tonight, all my spots coming in from 
> the
> cluster show red (out of band), even if they are not.  The bandmap will 
> not
> show the band edges (the red stripe), indicating (I guess) that there is 
> no
> band data being read.  However,  the "USA_Extra.SubBands" file is in the
> Writelog\Programs directory.  Editing the subbands seems to make no
> difference.  Using the "Show Bands" command under the "Band" menu shows 
> the
> proper frequencies.
> The ini file shows:
> BandEdgeFile=USA_Extra.SubBands
> ShowBandEdges=1
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks      Jim   W4LC
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