[WriteLog] How to batch print labels across several files

Peter Jordahl k5gm at amsat.org
Sat Dec 5 09:59:33 PST 2009

I use DXKeeper in the DXLab suite of programs.  After every contest (I
use N1MMLogger, but Writelog has the same capability) I export an ADIF
file of the contest and import it into DXKeeper.  That program has
excellent QSL management (cards, LOTW, and eQSL) facilities, and will
put multiple QSO's on one label.  You can even generate your own QSL
cards if you have a printer capable of printing on card stock.  DXKeeper
also has great capabilities in tracking awards (DXCC, DXCC Challene,
WAS, WAC, WAZ, and others).  I suggest you Google DXLab and download
DXKeeper per the instructions there.  It is extremely well maintained by
its author, Dave Bernstein, AA6YQ; you tell him there is a problem and
usually by the next day he has either explained how to get around it
using facilities already in the program, or provided a new version which
repairs the problem.  

There are other programs in the suite that make life a lot easier for
chasing DX (rig control, spot collection , propagation, QSL routing,

Good luck and 73
Pete K5GM 
Pete Jordahl, K5GM
k5gm at amsat.org

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