[WriteLog] How to batch print labels across several files

Charles Miller n6kw at seanet.com
Sat Dec 5 16:09:57 PST 2009

You should also mention that DXLab Suite is FREE!!!

Chuck N6KW

Peter Jordahl wrote:
> Mike,
> I use DXKeeper in the DXLab suite of programs.  After every contest (I
> use N1MMLogger, but Writelog has the same capability) I export an ADIF
> file of the contest and import it into DXKeeper.  That program has
> excellent QSL management (cards, LOTW, and eQSL) facilities, and will
> put multiple QSO's on one label.  You can even generate your own QSL
> cards if you have a printer capable of printing on card stock.  DXKeeper
> also has great capabilities in tracking awards (DXCC, DXCC Challene,
> WAS, WAC, WAZ, and others).  I suggest you Google DXLab and download
> DXKeeper per the instructions there.  It is extremely well maintained by
> its author, Dave Bernstein, AA6YQ; you tell him there is a problem and
> usually by the next day he has either explained how to get around it
> using facilities already in the program, or provided a new version which
> repairs the problem.  
> There are other programs in the suite that make life a lot easier for
> chasing DX (rig control, spot collection , propagation, QSL routing,
> etc.).
> Good luck and 73
> Pete K5GM 
> Pete Jordahl, K5GM
> k5gm at amsat.org
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