[WriteLog] WriteLog contest module for PSK DeathMatch?

James M. Galm, W8WTS jim at w8wts.com
Sun Dec 13 18:46:02 PST 2009

Does anyone have a WriteLog contest module for The Michigan DX Association's
"PSK DeathMatch Digital Duel" contest?  If not, is there another contest
module that comes at least a little close to the right exchange and scoring?

I operated the PSK DeathMatch this weekend and had a load of fun.  I let
MixW do the real-time logging, but MixW is, to say the least, challenged
when it comes to scoring and proper log submissions.  Thanks to the miracle
of ADIF, I'd like to import the log to WriteLog and let it do proper
Thanks and 73, 
Jim, W8WTS.  

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