[WriteLog] CAT Problems with FT2000D

Aldewey at aol.com Aldewey at aol.com
Sun Dec 13 20:00:12 PST 2009

This may not be a Writelog problem but I thought I would start here.  I 
received a brand new FT2000D this week and just can't seem to get the CAT 
control to work with Writelog.  I've used it with the my previous FT1000D and 
FT1000 Mark V with no problem.
There is my setup:
Com Port is set to 4800, n, 8, 2
In Writelog, Port selection is set for FT2000, 4800, poll checked, Com PTT 
Cable is a 9 pin serial cable with pins 2,3, and 5 connected straight thru. 
 This same cable worked fine on my FT1000 Mark V.
In the FT2000D, Menu Setting 28 is set to 4800, Menu setting 29 set to 100, 
Menu Setting 30 is set to On(but I have tried off here also).  Menu Setting 
31 is set to On.
A note with the FT2000D says it includes the latest PEP 2000 Software.
Serial Number is 7M270409
Any ideas what I may be missing?
Al, K0AD

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