[WriteLog] Call stack?

Alfred Frugoli ke1fo at arrl.net
Mon Jan 5 13:01:49 EST 2009

The Alt-C option may be helpful for me on RTTY.  Because of screen real
estate, my rttywrite window is small and only shows the current qso without

As I said, what I'd really like is almost like an integrated scratch pad.
Regardless of mode, the first callsign I type in or click on would go in the
entry window.  A single command could look at the callsign field of the
entry window would then pop up a widow, either for entry or recall.  If
there is a callsign in the entry window, then the command would pop up a
window that could accept one (or more) text strings (either partial or full
callsigns).  If there is no callsign in the entry window, the list of calls
(or partial calls) would pop up and the up/down arrow keys could be used to
select the entry you want.  There should also be a way to clear this list
easily, such as with a % command in an f-key (similar to clearing the rit on
the radio).

Currently I waste a lot of energy by keeping a piece of paper and pencil
next to the keyboard for the times I copy 2 calls at once.

73 de Al, KE1FO

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On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 12:30 PM, J. Edward (Ed) Muns <w0yk at msn.com> wrote:

> > I seem to remember a way to move a callsign into a waiting stack and then
> > recall it when you're ready to work the station.  I know there is the
> > search
> > and pounce frequency memories, but I'm looking for something more like a
> > scratch pad.
> >
> > The specific scenario is when you're running, and pickup more than 1 full
> > call out of the pileup.  You want to work the first guy then the next one
> > without QRZ or CQ in between.  Is there something to do this other than
> > the
> > S&P memories in Writelog?
> WriteLog has the Alt-C window of recently highlighted calls from the
> Rttyrite window.  However, I think it is a redundant time waster because
> those same highlighted call signs are in the Rttyrite window, within the
> context of other printing.  It is easier to simply grab call signs from
> Rttyrite than to call up Alt-C.  Moreover, the Alt-C window has to be
> continually called up to be refreshed.  I'm far too busy with other things
> to have time for that repetitive motion throughout the contest.
> What would be useful is more integrated stack management.  Currently,
> stacked call signs have to be manually managed by the operator with the aid
> of the %P1 and %C parameters in a specific message.  It would be handy if
> WriteLog would dynamically move calls in and out of the stack, feeding them
> into messages via special parameters.  N1MM Logger has some stack
> management, but I don't personally know how effective it really is.
> I really don't want a true "stack" where call signs pop out the top based
> on
> their order.  I like a random-access menu that preserves the appearance
> order of the call signs, but allows me to choose the one I want next.
> Win-Test has a Partner Mode designed for multi-ops where a companion
> operator listening on the run frequency can capture call signs into a list
> that is randomly accessible by the main run operator.  I suppose this could
> be used by a Single Op but of course on CW and SSB one has to type in the
> call signs where with RTTY decoding, call signs can be automatically
> captured by the software.
> Ed - P49X (W0YK)
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