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Bill Parry bparry at rgv.rr.com
Fri Jan 9 17:00:36 EST 2009

Thanks guys...several e-mails answered my question!  I was trying to use the
drop down for "save as" under FILE.  I should have been looking under
CONTEST.  I promise that I have done this before...I just forget things once
in a while! :-)  sigh.....

Bill W5VX

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Just to confirm you are not going nuts, I submitted my Cabrillo CQWW CW log 
with V10.68F.  I'm now up to 10.69D, but the Cabrillo is definitely in 
10.68F.  Are you sure you used the correct contest template?  Have you 
checked Contest/Parameter Setup... and entered your zone?  Can't think of 
anything else that might be the problem.  Good luck.

Gary AL9A

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>I was getting ready to submit my log for CQWWCW and I was going to save the
> log as Cabrillo.  I notice that this isn't available...I can save as ADI 
> but
> not Cabrillo. I am using version 10.68F and Windows XP update 3.
> I could have sworn that that it was available in the past.  I thought that
> it might have been a glitch so I downloaded the newest version 10.69 but 
> it
> says that my registration key is invalid or expired. Am I overlooking
> something?
> Bill W5VX
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