[WriteLog] Feature request--ADIF <FREQ_RX:n>

Gerald Wilson gtwilson at integrity.com
Fri Jan 9 21:01:08 EST 2009

Greetings Wayne W5XD and contributors,

As a WriteLog user for many years, I would like to respectfully ask for what
I consider an enhancement for this fine contesting software.

The Short Story:
I am requesting that WriteLog incorporate the Amateur Data Interchange
Format (ADIF) standard,  Data-Field identifier for the split/received
frequency to make logs created by WriteLog to be easily and fully exportable
to other logging database software.  The ADIF standards (versions 1 and 2) 
are available for viewing at the following website:

The Longer Story:
As stated, for many years, I have used WriteLog for logging my contest
efforts.  I have noted that some of the information regarding my contacts is
not imported successfully into the software I use for computer logging of my
DX and other non-contest QSO's.  This became apparent when I imported
several logs with 40 meter and other DX QSO's during which I used
split-frequency operation.  Looking into the reason for the split/receive
frequency not being recorded, I found that the ADIF Standard looks for a
data-field which is defined as <FREQ_RX:n>  where "n" is the number of
digits in the "QSO frequency in Megahertz."   I next examined the ADI file
which I had exported from WriteLog to my general QSO and DX logging program.
I found that WriteLog exported the frequency information for one example of
a DX contest QSO as follows:
"<FREQ:5>7.232 <RXFREQ:5>7.095"

In this example from one of my ARRL DX SSB Contest QSO's, WriteLog uses the
ADIF standard designator for my transmit frequency and uses an alternate
data-field designator for the split/receive frequency.  Since the
"<RXFREQ:n>" does not conform to the ADIF standard, it is ignored when being
imported by any other ADIF conforming software.  There may be other
data-field identifiers which share this issue.

I am respectfully requesting that WriteLog incorporate the ADIF standard,
Data-Field identifiers  to make logs created by WriteLog to be easily and
fully exportable to other ADIF conforming ham radio software.  I believe
this would be a very desireable enhancement to this excellent contest

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Vy  73,

   Jerry    K7VIT

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