[WriteLog] PSK Tuning

Bob's RR Mail wb2coy at hvc.rr.com
Sun Jan 11 10:43:17 EST 2009

Sorry if this has been discussed before -- I'm new to WriteLog and didn't
find a definitive answer while scanning the old posts.

What is the generally accepted way to tune PSK signals using the built-in
PSK decoder with WriteLog?

I am used to some of the other PSK programs that use a waterfall display,
where I basically 'park' the rig on the accepted PSK frequency for the band
I'm using (14070, 3580, etc) and then click on the waterfall where I see the
signals. The other programs display the full bandwidth of my filter in the
waterfall.  I was having some difficulty with WriteLog's "PSK Control"
trying to find and lock in on stations. I had some success with setting the
Rx and Tx to 1500 Hz (the center frequency of my rig's filter) and then
using the tuning dial on the radio to find peaks on the display. When I
found one, I would switch to AFC to lock onto it, and then NET to lock TX
where AFC settled. I believe I am only 'seeing' 250 Hz of bandwidth on the
PSK Control's display at any one time.

I also tried leaving the radio on a single frequency and  clicking inside
the PSK Control window to cause it to move up or down in audio frequency, 
this seemed cumbersome. It was not easy to find signals that I could hear in
the monitor speaker this way.

Any suggestions would be welcome. See you on the air!

Tnx and 73.

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