[WriteLog] CW Messages for Rover

Aldewey at aol.com Aldewey at aol.com
Mon Jan 12 23:29:01 EST 2009

I will again be doing a Rover operation for the Minnesota QSO party in  
February.  We will be roving through 21 counties during the 10 hour  contest.  Like 
most QSO parties, we are allowed to work the same stations  again when we 
enter a new county.  In the past, I have used NA and set up  individual 
"contests" for each county and started them with a .BAT file as we  entered the new 
county.    This year, I would like to use  Writelog with a SINGLE log.  I see 
that I can accomplish this by  merely selecting Parameter Setup under the Contest 
menu and change the county  when a new one is entered.  It just takes a few 
seconds and the dupe  checking works fine.  That's cool.
So here is my question.  Is there a way that the Function Key CW  messages 
can automatically be changed based on the county selection?  Is  there a way to 
reference the county in the CW messages?  I think the answer  is probably no 
but I thought I would check.  I know I could change them  manually when we 
enter the new county but that takes time.  Another thing I  was thinking of doing 
was setting up 21 WL Contests with  different  messages for each county and 
then merely browse to that contest from CW/RTTY/SSB  messages entry under the 
Setup menu.  Is there any other simple solution  that I am not thinking of?
Al, K0AD   ( Operating as N0PI in MNQP on Feb  7)
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