[WriteLog] SSB wav files?

Andrei Stchislenok asnp3d at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 20:33:27 EST 2009

Gary and all,

I used Audacity program.
Recorded several wave files, like 1.wav, 2.wav, cq.wav. In the same
configuration, exactly as described.

I also tried to save it as msg1.wav, msg2.wac etc. Does not make difference.

Then I created ham/wavefiles/ directory in Writelog and exported all wave
files there. Not being sure, if I have to export or "Save project as aup" I
also saved files as aup. just in case.

I tried to "browse" to WL Memory Setup. It does Not browse. WL shows in
Memory Setup as "wav" files but wants my wave files in "wl" format, WL does
not see wav.files . I do not know how to covert "wav" files into "wl" files,
I am not sure if it is necessary.
If I rename wave files into wl and backeting them <   >, as described in
Help file of WL, then I cannot save those  <  >. It looks really confusing
for me at the moment, the Help file regarding SSB wave files, trying hard
with zero success so far...
I hope that this is relatively simple to load those wave files, however the
way of explanation there in Help file for me is ... I do not follow so

2009/1/16 Gary AL9A <al9a at mtaonline.net>

> Andrei,
> Apparently you have recorded some audio wav files and saved them somewhere.
> What software did you use to make the audio files?  Have you followed the
> required WL naming conventions?   Audio wav files must be named "msgN.wav"
> where N is the number of the F key.  If you click on an audio file does
> Windows Media Player (or your default audio player) open the file and play
> the audio?  One thing to be aware of is that ALL the wav files have to have
> the same recording properties or some of them will not work.  WL only
> handles one set of recording specs at a time and cannot mix and match
> different recording specs.
> Assuming the file names are correct and the recording prosperities are
> consistent try this.  Instead of sending the computer audio output to the
> radio input, disconnect the lead to the rig and plug in your headphones to
> the computer audio out and listen if WL is playing the audio files.  Are
> they playing as you expect?  Is the rig PTT being keyed?  If you can hear
> the audio and the PTT is on, WL should be transmitting the audio files when
> you reconnect the audio out to the radio.
> If this still doesn't work please let me know and provide more info about
> your audio files and rig interface.
> 73,
> Gary AL9A
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> Subject: [WriteLog] SSB wav files?
>   "I am new to WL and was wondering if someone could direct me with
>> recording
>> some wav files for the F keys?  What do I need?"
>> Above is K8SM message, I need the same help, please.
>> I am New in SSB using WL and got completely lost. Using WL for RTTY and CW
>> long time, but tried SSB wav files - I am new now, nothing work.
>> I have read all AL9A Re: [WriteLog] SSB wav files? but got stuck in
>> paragraph 7 in the middle:
>> "...Click on
>> one of the wav files to set the path for WL.
>> 8. Put your cursor in the Call field of the Entry window and press and F
>> key
>> to see if it keys your rig and transmits the audio.  If everything up to
>> here was working you should be in business."
>> I am Not in business, please Help!
>> Thanks,
>> Now Andrei NP3D
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>> 73's Andrei
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